Thursday, April 11, 2002

Cat Diet Nutrition Question?

I've changed the food I give my cat. His new food makes him pee a mountain more, though he really seems to like eating it, prowling around his dinner bowl area before I even give it to him. His litter has around 1/5 less stool and 5 times more urine than usual. Should I be worried or is it just that the new food is metabolized differently?

He's gone from Vetdiet for adults (a generic brand here in Canada) to Purina Pro Plan Turkey & Rice Formula, FYI.

Is it normal for him to pee abundantly more?

Answer on Cat Diet Nutrition Question?

Well, it could be the food and it could also mean: Diabetes. Take him to the vet just to make sure and watch his water intake too. See if hes drinking more than usual.
Diabetes is VERY common in cats. Its more common in males and obese cats. Diabetes isn't painful for most cats though and they get to live normal happy lives. Just talk to your vet about this and make sure this isnt the cause!
Good luck! I hope everythings ok!