Tuesday, January 15, 2002

Children's Story about a weight loss machine?

When i was younger like 1995/96 there was a story in our literature books about two girls who find a store(I think at the mall) that sold an ice cream like substance that came in every flavor imaginable, and afterwards they meet a lady in the parking lot who has a machine that makes them lose weight for so many dollars a pound. Also she tattoos their wrists with a tiny dot and after so long one girl comments that it resembles a bracelet. I don't remember how the story ended and i'm having a hard time finding it online cause all that's coming up is a bunch of dieting websites

Answer on Children's Story about a weight loss machine?

The story is "Lose Now, Pay Later" by Carol Farley
"Lose Now, Pay Later--The year is 2041, and swoodie shops are opening all
over Earth. The narrator, Deb, and her best friend Trinja are among the
first customers at the local swoodie shop, where machines mysteriously
create free swoodies, which are similar to pudding. Soon almost everybody
is lining up for swoodies--and gaining weight at an alarming rate. One
day, Deb and Trinja discover a solution to their weight problem: a
"slimmer" machine that removes extra weight for twenty-five yen a pound.
The slimmer works instantly; afterwards customers receive a tiny blue mark
for every ten pounds lost. Like the swoodie shops, slimmers become an
instant success and open up in many areas. The only person skeptical about
swoodies and slimmers is Deb's little brother. He thinks they may both be
run by space aliens in invisible ships who are gathering up energy from
human fat to use as fuel. "

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