Saturday, December 29, 2001

Why i feel very lethargic, tired, drowsiness and poor concentration all the time?

Okay, i am 27 years old.I am a bachelor and i am living with my friends.I am having my food most of the time in restaurants.I have very bad diet history.I hardly had any nutritious food in my child hood.Now a days i feel very lethargic,tired,drowsiness and fatigue on top of that poor concentration .I started to procrastinate all my important work.I am easily distracted.some times i feel very anxious,nervous,depression and restlessness. I have mood swings too.Very easily irritable and short fuse.Food sensitivities . What could be the reason ADD or ADHD,Anxiety, Personality disorder,Nutrition deficiency,poor nutrition absorption,any parasite infections, intestinal worms anything else.May be i am too much worried if it is psychological or poor nutrition i can take care of those things. But my doctor does not take me seriously he is simply laughing at me and ask me to come some other day for some psychological treatment.But my intuition says that something is not okay.My health condition affecting my life, job, and relationships in many ways(poor concentration, anxious, nervousness, mood swings etc) please give me some elaborate answer. Thanks in advance.

Answer on Why i feel very lethargic,tired,drowsiness and poor concentration all the time?

You are showing many symptoms of depression.

Your doctor is on the right track. Now, please cooperate with him. Either go back for a visit with him and ask him about the depression aspect or go to a different doctor if you are not comfortable with him.

Depression manifests itself with many of your physical symptoms and even how you are perceiving things.