Monday, December 10, 2001

Why does my brother act in these ways?

Why does my brother act in these ways?
i'm at breaking point and about to snapWhy does my brother act in these ways?i even picked a fight with him one time in which he backed down?
even in our 30's he still wants to try to tell me what to do,never really compliments me for anything good i've done,doesn't even take note of what i've accomplish and orovercome.I just freaking hate his guts at times.I wonder if he knows it.He comes acros these ways and wonders why i don't visit his kids etc...and or see him at family functions.What is his deal?i can understand it if you are teens,but even up to now he is like this.He has acted really supportive of me in some ways,but it's those other ways he acts that really makes me hate his *** sometimes.Do you think he knows it..?he also tries to tel;l me what to do(in an annoying way)Last time i saw him i just hugged him and the didn't talk to him much.........We are all artists so i thought we would have common bond,but even at our age v32(me) and he's 37 it's like he wants to feel better and does stupid actions(ones that can make me go off)wrongly He's acts like a piece of crap....even my brother of 12 years older gets along better with me and is MUCH more supportive.Is my older brother delusional?the middle one i'm complaining about..I'm fit and go to the gym and he's fat(he's constantly got problems with his health because he doesn't take care of himself or his diet), so i wonder if that has something to do.Grown freaking men and he still acts like this...why can't he just admit that he has shortcomings and just can't measure up instead of being a moron about things?

Then i find out from my mom that he says all kinds of complimentary things about me(about my fitness and music ability)when i don't see him or when they are around him.Ifso why would he act so contradictary wheh i'm around?
It'sike he has rehashed all his issues in the past with me.I only see him like 4 times a year. I have built a following musically,am in good shape(hit the gym alot)and he is fat,yet a talented artist(i even compliment him on it)what is his deal???It's like he still wants to see me as his younger brother no matter how much i have changed or what i have accomplished.I helped whim withy some heavy labor stuff last year(ehich i did most of the lifting)but on the other hand went off on him for telling me what to do.And he was an asshole for awhile after that.He is having a stomach operation ...but does that have anything to do with it?he has apoligized for things when he found out that i got upset over them and also said he would never do anything to make me feel bad or say anything in that manner
What gets me is i only see him a few times a year..and i can't figure out what the hell his problem is
He does it in such subtle ways....
I just wanna beat the crap outta him at times...what is his problem?it's like he wants to embarass me in front of people
Even when we were paul bearers at a funeral and i had to be on his side to carry the coffin he yanked me in by my sleeve(not hardly)but in a way were i was in line
These are minor things,but they still make me wanna go off on him..Anyway,he has major health issues now from what my mom tells me that he's dealing with this?
Anyway it's at the point where it is con suming to the poiint where my anger is with me about him all day and i just wanna go off on him....i hate him.I even picked a fighyt with hi one time and he freaking backed down....why does he STILL act in these ways/

Answer on Why does my brother act in these ways?

You're a grown man yourself. Why do you need to be complimented all the time, especially when you know from your mom that he really admires you? His illness may be causing him to talk the way he does, and it sounds like you haven't really made it clear to him that it bothers you to be told what to do. You just bottle everything up inside, and then you blame him when you want to explode. Talk it through. Grow up. Get over yourself.