Sunday, December 9, 2001

Have the Freemasons have been trying to destroy the Catholic Church since the 1800's?

Here's what I've been able to find out so far and it's very disturbing.

From what I have been able to determine; this all began when the secret papers of "The Permanent Instruction of the Alta Venditi" were obtained by Pope Gregory XVI.

The Permanent Instruction of the Alta Venditi” is an instruction manual written by the highest lodge of the Carbonari, (an Italian secret society with links to Freemasonry and members in both Italy and France) that explains to their members how to destroy the Roman Catholic Church.

When Pope Gregory XVI read it he ordered it to be published at his own expense.

In 1861, Pope Pius IX also ordered it to be published to continue the warning of this attack against the Roman Catholic Church.

When Pope Leo XIII read Msgr. George E. Dillon’s book, Grand Orient Freemasonry Unmasked, he wrote his Encyclical Letter, Humanum Genus; warning all Catholics against Freemasonry and other secret societies.

Answer on Have the Freemasons have been trying to destroy the Catholic Church since the 1800's?

"Some have tried to say that American Masonry is different from European Masonry, which has a history of plotting against the government and the Church. The basic problem with all Masonry, however, is that it is a society which fosters a religious- philosophical attitude of indifference to religious truth, even substituting its own naturalistic dogma and rituals for those of Christianity. Such indifference is incompatible with belief in the Holy Trinity and the Incarnation. We may not "play-act" in the lodge of the Great Architect on Thursday night, then worship "in spirit and in truth" on Sunday morning at the altar of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the unique Lord and Redeemer of the Universe, the Word-made-flesh who reveals the Father, and who together with the Father sends the Holy Spirit. The Creed and the Masonic oath are irreconcilable!

Masonry is not the Jaycees, in which people of all religions and philosophies come together to work on local business problems. Masonry has its own religious and philosophical worldview, its own religious language, its rituals and its morality. In the library of every lodge you will find Albert Pike's Morals and Dogma. A top American Mason, he is the greatest writer on the real meaning behind Masonic beliefs and rituals. Even the title of his book shows that Masonry has a morality and a doctrine. If they are not Catholic morality and Catholic doctrine, and in fact they aren't even Christian, a Catholic or any Christian may not follow them. This is why, since the 1700s the popes have consistently rejected Freemasonry as incompatible with the faith. The motives and works of most masons may be good and benign, but this does not change the choice which the Catholic has to make between the religious philosophy of masonry and that of Catholicism."

How did i do today? dieting?

so i guess today was like a slack day in my diet lol
im a 16 yr old girl,5'4'', 110 lbs. ive lost 20, trying at the last stubborn few..
so today for breakfast i had a serving of oatmeal(150 calories) with 20 blueberries, a banana, and a serving(110 calories) of dannon lite&fit fat free yogurt. ..i overate:( felt like i was gonna bust!
then for lunch, i had 1 grilled chicken breast, 1 chicken&spinach sausage(110 calories), 1 cup of steamed veggies( 50 calories).
then for a rare treat i had a homemade ice cream sandwich(2 cookies..130 calories each...and a tiny bit of ice cream in the soaked into the cookies, so you couldnt see like 100 calories for that?)
then i went for a 30 minute bike ride and drank a ton of water, so i was soo full i didnt eat dinner.
i had a serving(20 calories) of metamucil too.

what should i do to boost my metabolism to keep losing weight! these last few lbs are taking forever :( am i doing anything wrong?
about how many calories did i eat today??

oh, and if anyone has any low calorie recipes that are filling,healthy, cheap and easy for a teen to make, please share! i get tired of the same things over and over, therefore my cheat days are today..

Answer on How did i do today? dieting?

good, but instead of skimping on dessert, try skinny cow ice creams. you get tons of the ice cream for VERYYY few calories.

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