Thursday, October 25, 2001

Is this illegal in any way?

I have a buddy who really hates Obama and he is always posting comments on his facebook about how much he dislikes the president. Anyway, I want to make up a fake facebook group, something like "Organized Students for Obama" or something, and send him a facebook message from the group that reads:

"We are aware of your comments against President Obama. We want you to know that this information is logged and your data will be stored for later use. One day you will answer for your comments."

I want to play a joke on him and make him think that a militant left-wing group is spying on him and keeping track of his actions. He will freak and it will be good fun. But, is this illegal. I didnt threaten him in the message or anything. I dont know about the laws for this sort of thing, so i dont want to be liable for any cyber-crime stuff. Thanks so much.

Answer on Is this illegal in any way?

No problem

Lady gaga dead!!!!1!?

omg guys I just heard a bunch of youtube comments that she died last night/this morning :,( is this true please say no they've confirmed on the radio tho anyone no for sure though?

Answer on Lady gaga dead!!!!1!?

I'm pretty sure she died, it was on the radio here in the Netherlands last night, I was a bit of shocked, my sister also heard the news and couldn't stop crying, in fact she still is crying, so PLEASE everyone, stop saying she's still alive, it only hurts my sisters' feelings mor and more..
Have some respect for the death, jeez...