Wednesday, September 12, 2001

What do u guys think is my problem? diet?

I'm a 20year old female, 5'6 and now weight 132lb.

4months ago i weighed 140lb so i started to work out. I cut out junk food alot and replaced fizzy drinks for water but i still eat mostly how i wanted in regarsds to other food and would have a treat of junk food and a fizzy drink.

I am still working out alot but i am seeing no change whatsoever in my weight since the after the first 2months of my excerise plan. is my diet my problem? excerise really isnt just enuf? i know i am not fat now. i just want to reach my goal of 125lb.

thank you in advance for an answers given.


Answer on What do u guys think is my problem? diet?

well if you keep doing the same workouts for a long period of time, your body starts getting used to it and it wont have the same affect, use new workouts and workout harder and you should see results again