Thursday, August 23, 2001

Is my boyfriend taking me for granted?

sometimes i feel unapreciated. i dont do anything to annoy him but he says i do. he doesnt call me as much anymore or even text. i feel like if i dont call him then he wont even bother calling. he hasnt said he loves me for a week now maybe two. weve been together for almost two years(next month). when i ask if he talks to girls on myspace he gets mad and plus he added three girls that are so easy and tried getting with him and he had sex with one of them. if hes not doing anything then theres nothing to be mad about right? we went to get breakfast yesterday and he said he thinks we cant hang out in the summer anymore because i dont have money and hes tired of paying for me. im a good girl i dont do anything wrong. but i guess i am if hes tired of me? help please

Answer on Is my boyfriend taking me for granted?

sounds like it's time for you to move on. You both sound as though you are very young - relationships at your age are often fairly short-lived so there's nothing to feel bad about.