Wednesday, August 8, 2001

THINGS do you think about MASTURBATION?

Hello! Before starting the application I would say one thing: I used google translator to write because I had the courage to even ask this question on a different account for it to remain secret. If you're curious I'm Italian and I have a good relationship with English even though I like a bit! I asked this question, as I said, Yahoo Italy but did not answer or at least no one answered me and ridiculed me and told me everything and more. And certainly a topic not sufficiently discussed. If there is any misspelling or difficult to understand and sorry but the translator mistakes.

How about masturbation? According to everything you say is true that becoming blind and crazy? Everything you say what you know. Are you in favor or feel it a useless thing? Please answer because I have so many doubts and many really do not know who to ask. All these legends I have not a little frightened.

Thanks for reading and understanding the success !!!!!!!!

sorry I forgot to put this note: you can also tell me what place are such as are British or American, thanks!

Answer on THINGS do you think about MASTURBATION?

It is a safe and natural thing, we are not the only creatures on earth who do it. It got a bad reputation because in the Bible, Onan , by Jewish law married his brother's widow. Instead of doing his duty and impregnating her pulled it out at the last second and "spilled his seed upon the ground" repeatedly. This is now known as the "Interruption Method" of contraception. Confusion about the sin being spilling his seed rather than not fulfilling his husbandly duties led to masturbation being also known as Onanism. Masturbation allows you to become conversant with your own response to genital stimulus and also helps prevent your prostate gland from swelling up according to conventional wisdom. So lube up and enjoy. British