Tuesday, July 31, 2001

What diet should i use if i want to be a model?

ok, for starters, if your not going to put an actual response please dont waste your and my time. so, i want to be a model and i need exercise ideas to help me grow, and get thinner, not nesseserily abs but get thin................WAY THIN. and i would also like to know what foods to eat to burn off fat quick..

thnx :)

Answer on What diet should i use if i want to be a model?

Models actually have muscle. Most of it is airbrushed off though. Pretty much you just stick to a mostly fruits and veggies diet. They don't eat much or any processed foods and beverages. So no sodas, juices, snack bars etc. They stick to about 2-3 servings of whole grain a day and the recommended amount of protein which is 44 grams or about 6 oz of meat for females. They also don't eat stuff like cereal or greasy foods. This would be kinda what a diet of a model would look like

serving of oatmeal(not the packaged kind) with fruit mixed in and some honey
low fat yogurt

serving of nuts

Large salad with some other veggies like tomatoes and cucumbers etc with 3oz of chicken and an oil or vinegar based dressing.


3oz of tuna with large serving of veggies and a handful(which is a serving) of wild rice


Then for exercise you do toning exercises. They use machines but you can use your own body and do push ups, sit ups etc. Just make sure you work every muscle in your body so you prevent injury. For example if you work your stomach and chest you need to work your back and vice versa or you will get injured later on.
They have personal trainers to tell them all this so You need to get one if you are really serious about this. Also you do about an hour of intense cardio. So fast pace biking or running or the elliptical etc.

whoever is saying that models don't eat are very misinformed. Actually most models are very healthy. Those skinny ones you see that look anorexic are actually altered by pro anorexic sites. They photo shop an anorexic body to a models head and praise that form as being beautiful vs her normal body. If you look at Andriana Lima you will see that she is pure muscle. You can't see her stomach in this pic but just look at her arms. That is all airbrushed away when they take pictures for vs.

here is a pic of her stomach

That is what a real model looks like. What you see on the covers of fashion magazines are fake.