Tuesday, July 24, 2001

What is the best way for me to get protein if i don't eat meat?

Hi guys, so I am in college and i can't really eat meat because i am a vegan. what would be a good way to get enough protein in my diet. I really don't get all the nutrients I should be getting. in a typical week, my breakfast consists of cereal, pancakes, hashbrowns plus for lunch and dinner i eat cheese pizza. my options aren't too wide since i can't eat any meat. what supplements should i take to make up for the protein loss of my week? also any suggestions on what multivitamins i should take and general eating tips would be greatly appreciated. btw im an 18 year old male if that helps.

Answer on What is the best way for me to get protein if i don't eat meat?

Wait, if you are a vegan why do you eat cheese?!?!

Ha, anyway, none of my business. But, nuts and soy definitely have a lot of protein. And let's not forget about tofu! Beans in general are filled with proteins.

Other than that, you could probably take an Iron supplement to increase your red blood cell count. And since you asked about general eating tips, your diet doesn't sound very healthy. Eat some vegetables and fruits! And the things I mentioned above! Sounds like your current diet is all fat, which isn't good at all!