Thursday, June 14, 2001

Why are we call Americans? Just wondering... 10 points?

This is not a political question.... Is just that my friend (she is Italian) asked me "why are you guys call Americans"..
Really , Why? I mean....People from Italy: Are call Italians.. From Canada: Canadian .. From France: French.... etc.... So if we are From United States... How should we be call? ... Give some examples.... I think it would be fun!!!

Answer on Why are we call Americans? Just wondering... 10 points?

There's another way to view this matter: if somebody ask to state from which continent you're from, French, German, Italian, would everybody all answer "I'm European" and a person from the US would say "I'm American". But the same is appropriate from people from Canada, Mexico or even Brazil or Argentina... Unless we decide "North America" and "South America" should be considered two different continents, and people from the US, Canada or Mexico are "Northamericans"; so a less specific "Americans" is used for a nationality (USA) while the same people will use a more specific "Northamericans" would be used from those same people when asked about their own continent...

Well, joking apart, the truth is the name choosen for the federation is not suitable for creating a nationality name out of it. At least in English language: in Italian, people from the US are called both "Americans" or "Statunitensi" (from "Stati Uniti", "United States"), that unlike in English, in Italian language makes sense, and is quite commonly used.