Wednesday, June 13, 2001

Is the Loyola University Chicago Rome trip fun?

Do you actually get to explore Rome? Are there strict curfews? Can you travel on the weekends? What are the limits? Is it all about studying or do you get to enjoy Italy as well? Do you have to have a meal plan? I want to enjoy the authentic Italian food, but in the video I watched, it said that you eat at their campus and it showed cafeteria food! I want cute little Italian restaurants!!!!!
And can you get your own Moped? or buy? How does that work? Do you get to actually meet people that are not in your school? To build relationships with? Or are you more confined to a certain group? Do most people prefer to stay in Rome or travel during the weekends (assuming you are allowed to make those trips)
Also, would you recommend the optional spring break trip to Greece? Any other thoughts?
A big part of my decision of whether or not to choose this school is their study abroad program! It is so reasonably priced, staying the same as normal tuition, financial aid applies, I would get to go for an entire year, with it not slowing me down!! It sounds perfect! Is it?? :D

Thanks so much for your answers! I appreciate your input!

Answer on Is the Loyola University Chicago Rome trip fun?

I'm a senior at LUC and I've never met one person that told me Rome was a bad time. My suggestion: go during the Spring semester. It will be warm, plus you will have Spring Break and that will leave you plenty of time to travel. A group of my friends flew to Dublin and spent Spring Break in ireland, and another group of friends did a Munich-Amsterdam trip over the course of nine days. I hear the classes are VERY easy (heard a story about a professor drinking in class) so you will have plenty of time to wander around the city.

As for travelling, you keep asking if you're "allowed" to do those things....uh yeah, of course you are! You're an adult. If you wander into the wrong part of town, that's on you. If you get mugged because you got drunk and decided to walk home way too late, that's on you. The university isn't going to coddle you while in Europe.