Friday, May 11, 2001

Bringing clothes from Europe on the plane?

so im going to London, Paris, Italy and a few more places throughout europe and i want to do alot of clothes shopping there, so i was wondering how much clothing i'm allowed to bring back with me to Australia? and how do i do it? do i just fill my suitcase with all my new purchased clothes or do i have to pay money to get them into Australia?

thanks in advance (:

Answer on Bringing clothes from Europe on the plane?

Most intercontinental flights allow for 30kg of luggage. One way to approach that is to travel light on your way to Europe and bring two fair sized suitcases. Excess can be shipped seperately or you can pay the surcharge to the airline. That will be on their website.

As to getting the goods back into your country, this… is the best information I could find on the subject