Sunday, April 22, 2001

My WWE Raw Episode 88 (Rate and Review) + Who do you hope the 2.21.11 guy is?

* A Video package is shown where the 2.21.11 video is revealed as The Undertaker, but then a casket comes down to the ring and it opens and inside the casket the Icon Sting. Video then shows what happened on SmackDown when The Corre ambushed Undertaker after his match with Kane, only for Sting to come down and beat up the Corre with his baseball bat saving Undertaker but then he dissapeared.

* RAW opens with Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodgiguez coming out, Del Rio says "My Name is Alberto Del Rio, but you pathetic stupid people already know that, and at WrestleMania I will become the new world champion" Edge then comes out and says 'You won't be World Champion because all it will take is one spear to you and it's over" Del Rio then slaps Edge and then winks, Edge gets angry but Del Rio escapes.

* Match 1: Singles Match: Money in the Bank Qualifying Match
Ted DiBiase Jr. defeated. United States Champion Daniel Bryan: 5:24
After Bryan got distracted by a familiar face to him, Seth Rollins (Tyler Black).

* Vince McMahon comes out and says "As you people are aware, Justin Bieber will be the guest host for WrestleMania XVII" Then The Undertaker comes out and says "For a very long period of time now, I never liked you one bit, and that's because you make decsions as to sign people like The Corre, this Corre group have croessed me twice, but thanks to Sting, I didn't end up like a corpse" And as for Sting, Next time you and I meet it won't have a happy ending"
The on the titantron The Corre are on it and Barrett says "Mr. McMahon made it official Undertaker, in a month's time I will end you streak, Me Wade Barrett!"
* Then the room goes dark and then on the titantron, the Corre are all knocked out by someone"

* Match 2: Singles Match: Money in the Bank Qualifyer Match
The returining Evan Bourne defeated. CM Punk (Nexus): 7:42
Bourne pinned Punk after Orton made adistraction to CM Punk, after Orton and Punk had a few talking back lines until the msyterious GM of Raw made it official CM Punk will take on Randy Orton in Atlanta.

* Match 3: Singles Match
Diesel defeated. Zach Ryder: 1:31
Diesel squahing Ryder after Big Show came out and Show and Nash both held each other's throats trying to deliver chokeslams, what will happen when these two meet at WrestleMania?

* The Nexus (David Otunga, Michael McGuillicutty, Skip Sheffield) come out and say "The Corre is another Nexus wannabe band" Then Jackson, Gabriel and Slater come out and challenge Nexus to a Six Man Tag Team match at WrestleMania.

* Maryse comes out and says "DiBiase was never a winner, he was a straigh up loser" The crowd cheers. Then Ted comes out and says 'For a reason, i never understood anything you said you stupid whore" Maryse then kicked Ted up his groin area, the crowd cheered again. Resulting in Maryse turning face.

* Match 4: Tag Team Match
WWE Tag Team Champions Vladimir Kozlov and Santino Marella w/Tamina defeated. The Uso's (Jey and Jimmy Uso): 8:32

* John Cena and Randy Orton taling about their matches at WrestleMania backstage until The Miz, Alex Riley and CM Punk attack both Cena and Orton from behind.

* Michael Cole and Josh Matthews keep a date on when Jerry Lawler will be back from his WWE Title mainevent last week, Miz is still the champion"

* Sheamus attacks John Morrison, hyping for the MITB qualifying match next week.
* The WWE Divas in the lockeroom, Melina gets jealous over Natalya.

* Match 5: Singles Match: Money in the Bank Ladder Match Qualifing Match
R-Truth defeated. Tyson Kidd: 7:52
Truth pinned Kidd with the axe kick.

* The Bella Twins come out and issue an aplogy to Gail Kim, but then Both Nikki and Brie hit Gail and it results in a two on one beating of Gail Kim until Maryse comes out and saves Gail Kim from Nikki and Brie Bella.

* Both CM Punk and WWE Champion the Miz with the rest of Nexus and also Alex Riley come out and Punk says "You people need to know that now Nexus is in a partnership with The Miz and Alex Riley we are brothers, we are a group together, together no one can stop us" We just proved that to John Cena and Randy Orton, both Cena and Orton then come out and start beating up on all the members of Nexus and also The Miz too. Punk then GTS's Orton, Miz then hits the Scull crushing finale. Ounk then says "No one can stop us"

Rating: (Out of 10)
Best Match;

Answer on My WWE Raw Episode 88 (Rate and Review) + Who do you hope the 2.21.11 guy is?

To be honest , I absolutely loved it . 10x better than anything has on right now. The only thing that sorta makes this card not perfect is that you have R-Truth facing Tyson Kidd in the Main Event...

Rating: 8.5/10
Best Match: Match 2: Singles Match: Money in the Bank Qualifyer Match
The returning Evan Bourne defeated. CM Punk (Nexus): 7:42
Moment: Seth Rollins' Debut !!
Opinions: Like it , very entertaining