Saturday, April 21, 2001

Please help with hair colour?

Okay so I have hair and eye colour like Selena Gomez (dark brown) and my skin is light-med brown, warm tone, and yellow undertone.
My hair also has a side bangs and lots of layers and I straighten it pretty much everyday (its like scene hair except not as big.)
Would light brown streaks look good in my hair? or maybe red? or should I just dye my whole hair red?
I'm still young so I don't mind doing anything crazy.

Please give me your advice and suggestions:)
(No black hair please, it recently was dyed black but I got sick of it.)

Answer on Please help with hair colour?

I had the exact same problem brown eyes brown hair it was to much brown I went to a hair stylist and we talked about it and I went with a deep copper you wanna make sure that it goes with you're skin tone but most important that it's what you want and deep cherry wood or reddish brown would probably really bring out your eyes