Saturday, April 7, 2001

Collagen renewal after weight loss?

Is there a way to renew collagen after it's been stretched too far? I'm wondering if there is an alternative to renewing the elasticity of the skin after a 5'1" lady, who was 210 lbs, is now 115 lbs (due to a healthy lifestyle). It's mostly the thigh area that she wants to get a "thigh tuck" done on, but after reading up on what goes into it, it scares the lights out of me due to the risks.

Answer on Collagen renewal after weight loss?

The thigh job doesn't always work as it could leave little pockets. As my sister had hers done more than once to get it right. Let's not get any discretionary surgery and not worry about thigh fat, or other meaningless things, and just enjoy good health and a good life. Your lady friend may have excess skin. None of these surgeries is without risk. The collagen is injected, and I can't see how it would help. What would be in place to keep it from migrating hither and yon in the body. The main thing is that her weight is down, and most likely her bad cholesterol and blood pressure. Be grateful for that. What my sister has gone through for no reason, would make me truly think twice about any surgery. A major case in my city was over a woman who never awoke after a tummy tuck. Something went horribly wrong. Read carefully, or if this is for her, talk to doctors, and don't do anything on the cheap. Be sure a qualified plastic surgeon is in charge.

The UK smoking ban...?

I know this question is nearly 2 years behind the times, but I just wanted to bring up a few issues.

I think smoking around young children and through pregnancy is completely wrong. I also think smoking in very close proximity to non-smokers is also wrong.

I rarely smoke, and when I do its when I'm out with friends, and its simply because I enjoy the occasional one, we're talking just a pack per month. I've honestly never felt the urge to smoke more than that, as becoming dependent on cigarettes is when it becomes a habit, which even I consider filthy.

Anyway, that's my life story! Personally, I find the UK smoking ban slightly extreme, even though it has had widespread support (I think) and many other countries have adopted similar bans, even heavy-smoking countries like Italy and Greece.

Even so, I really can't see the problem of having smoking and non-smoking sections in bars, clubs, restaurants and cafes, if the sections are strictly enforced?

Such smoking bans don't even seem to make a difference to quitters. The number of smokers in Ireland has actually risen by 2% since the smoking ban there (Wikipedia). I visited Prague, Czech Republic and Lefkosia, Cyprus recently, where there were a lot of smokers and there didn't seem to be a strict smoking ban in force. There were separate non-smoking and smoking areas and that worked just fine.

Anyway, I'm not looking for abuse or extreme rules, but what has your experience been with the smoking ban? Have you noticed a difference when you have visited other countries? Has the smoking ban completely eradicated all the 'social smokers'? Do you miss a cig and a pint? And, above all, do you agree with it, or would you want to amend it, or repeal it altogether?


Answer on The UK smoking ban...?

Add to that the extra litter created outside pubs/clubs, and the severe effect on the pub industry (as an employee there you're screwed anyway; breathe in other peoples' smoke or be made redundant) and you have a bad idea. No one I know who doesn't smoke cares much about being around smokers, unless they're eating in which case it's fair enough. And what's with it being banned in bus 'shelters', as if that makes any sense? I'm all for the ban in restaurants and the like, but not pubs.