Thursday, March 15, 2001

Help with an immune system for a special girl!?

Hey guys, I need some advice/help, so let me fill you all in with the details, and I welcome ANYTHING!

Ok so I'm 21years old;
I have Muscular Dystrophy- form of Charcot-Marie-Tooth which falls into the category of neuro-muscular degenerative diseases;
I have RSD-reflexive sympathetic dystrophy also known as CRPS type 1-Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome type 1 which falls into the category of severe chronic pain disorder/auto-immune disorder;
I have HNPP-Hereditary Neuropathy to Pressure Palsy which also falls into the category of neuro-muscular degenerative diseases;
I also have TOS- Thoracic Outlet Syndrome which these days my specialist says is getting pretty severe;
I have severe GERD (so I'm picky about what I eat, however if theres a miracle fruit out there that would give me acid reflux- ID GET OVER IT!! hah);
I have severe chronic IBS-irritable bowel syndrome with an ulcer every now and then;
I have severe generalized anxiety disorder, post traumatic stress syndrome, and bouts of severe depression;
I currently am without insurance otherwise I would go visit a ton of specialists (but not to worry, I've applied through the state and everything so I'll either be getting medical assistance or medicaid/medicare something so it won't be more than a couple months) so I'm really looking for any kind of advice that I can get, I'm not looking to put my disabilities out there just for "attention" otherwise I would've done this 8years ago. Ok back to my back round...
21-disabled...My diet isn't spectacular, but it is not poor; I eat a decent amount of fruits and veggies. Unfortunately I can't exercise all but small, very quick exercises that don't put too much strain on my muscles or put me in pain, so if anyone has any advice on exercising for disabled people, I'm all ears because I know that helps immune systems.
I also just had surgery back on December 10th 2010, and September 10th 2010 although my specialists knew it would send my RSD/CRPS type 1 back into remission however the surgeries were absolutely necessary (I had all wisdom teeth removed because of the amount of infections I was getting in my mouth, and then in Dec I had an appendectomy).
Due to my disabilities I need to be on a number of different medications in order to just function daily otherwise I'm in a hospital bed just laying there but the lists is as follows: cymbalta, neurontin, oxycodoneIR, prilosec.
I also had an experimental, non-FDA treatment performed on me to see if it helped my RSD/CRPS type1- it was a "ketemine treatment" which consisted of me sitting in a dark room for 10 days 5.5 hours each day receiving a ketemine drip, unfortunately with the combo of Muscular Dystrophy and RSD/CRPS type 1 even the strongest of nerve blocks doesn't work, hence me being so young and on narcotics.
I consume absolutely no alcohol except half a glass of Champagne on new years, I am a non-smoker as well, I know some people may find this hard to believe since I'm young and such but why would I lie to a bunch of anonymous people?
So now I know I need to improve my immune system, for the past year (and previous years it was pretty bad but it has gotten much worse to the point of what I'm about to explain) every month for about 2 weeks, sometimes 3 weeks I am sick, vomiting for days at a time, I can't hold anything down, I get severely dehydrated I've gone to the hospital a **** load of times however without insurance now I don't go as often unless I'm so dehydrated I pass out, which happens quite often, I get alot of UTIs, bladder infections, and other types of misc. infections, stomach bugs, and countless viruses.
I mean I'm down to try anything- aromatherapy, revising my diet, specialized exercise, I mean NO BODY HOLD BACK! I'm getting very desperate to leave this all behind and when I do get my insurance back I plan to visit a nutritionists and if there is one my insurance covers- an immune specialists (however I know they are very expensive!)
So I think that pretty much covers everything, and I thank every single person's response and time anyone took to read this, Thank you again, -TB.

Answer on Help with an immune system for a special girl!?

Wow. I'm sorry you have to deal with all this. I can't imagine how you can function properly with all of that going on

Have you tried natural remedies such as AloeElite? It helps with digestive disorders, including GERD and IBS. It's helped out my sister who suffers from IBS. I attached some informational links, hope they help!