Monday, February 26, 2001

2 days in Dublin: can you help me plan what to see?

Hi from a rainy and cold Northern Italy. I' m planing to spend some 2 whole days in Dublin. I'll arrive there on a Saturday evening and will leave on a Tuesday at midday. Can you just tell me what's best to get from the airport to the city centre and the places I must see in Dublin. I already know that a sightseeing trip on a bus is pretty good.
I' ll book a hotel in the centre so that everything is at hand on foot.
thanks for any advice.

Answer on 2 days in Dublin: can you help me plan what to see?

I am from Dublin and I can tell you the best way to get to city centre from the airport is any of the Dublin Buses for example the 16a bus. When you depart the building of dublin airport turn to your left and you will see a dublin bus stop. Ask anyone around you if you can't find it.
The cost to the city centre is 2.20euro. Ask the bus driver to call out when you are at O'Connell Street(the main street in the city centre)
They usually do any way cause it's the bus from the airport hence for tourist benefit to call out the stop.
Now you could get the airport coach (this is a big blue coach) This will go directly into the city centre for a cost of 6.60euro. Also the 747 bus but It's cheaper to get dublin bus at a cost of only 2.20euro. The only thing though dublin bus is not direct there will be stops along the way.

The must see in Dublin just go on the sightseeing bus that would be the best bet. My favorite places is the Guinness storehouse. Kilmainham Gaol. The GPO Arcade on O'Connell Street as you can see the bullets that hit the arcade from the pillars outside.

Big tip how you know your in O'Connell street (main street in the city centre) is the big long spire. It is such an eye sore!! Oh go to Grafton Street for all your shopping and take a walk in Stephen's Green which is just at the top of Grafton Street.

Really hope you Enjoy your trip :)