Tuesday, January 23, 2001

Info on Valle d'Aosta in Italy?

I have to do a report/project on the region and I can't find a few things. (I dont speak very good Italian, so if in your answer you post a non-English site, it wont help.) I need to know:
-What the region's main product is? (Export)
-Are there any main lakes?
-Are there any main rivers?
-What are some of the main tourist attractions?

Any links to websites is highly appreciated, thanks.

Answer on Info on Valle d'Aosta in Italy?

I checked on the Italian Wikipedia. And I'm italian.
Valle d'Aosta is the smallest region of Italy. It's 100% mountain so it is not very populated ( 126.660 people in 3.263 km^2). Economy is based on tourism, and on 3^rd sector in general. Some agricultural products are cheese ( Fontina, Toma di Gressoney, Reblec, Seras...), bread, wine, fruit....

- main lakes: Lago di Beauregard, lago di Place-Moulin, Lago di Cignana. They are artificial, lakes for electricity.

- main rivers: Dorea Baltica. "Valle" is valley in italian and the region is the valley of this river.

- it is a touristic region for ski during winter. there are other sites like
Castello di Fenis • Castello di Issogne • Forte di Bard • Castello di Verres • Castello Savoia a Gressoney-Saint-Jean.

they are castles.

if you have others questions, ask, i m italian so i can get more infos