Tuesday, October 24, 2000

What to get a 12 year old for her birthday?

She likes
Paranormal/ Ghosts/Mummies/Zombies/Mythology/ etc. she likes egypt
Please no books she has ENOUGH!
She is a girly girl (BUT SHE DOES NOT WANT TO BE A PRINCESS!!)
No toys please...
she likes
Chemical Romance
Taylor Swift
Lady gaga
Treyz songs
Nicki Minaj
NO IPODS (she has one)
she has 3 pets
she has a camera
And she has a t.v
and she has a phone!

Answer on What to get a 12 year old for her birthday?

wow great question and good information!...
i would look on line and see if you could find an egyption site for gifts
i think a fun cheaper gift would be a basket of some things she may enjoy like notebook paper an address book a few treats for her pets...favorite pencils and pens and maybe some craft items
i would get her something special for her bed like a pillow or a blanket...something plush and warm...
good luck i am sure she will like what ever you get her...