Friday, October 20, 2000

I BROKE A GUYS HEART??i never ment to :(?

well we were just Friends and we just talked and stuff and i knew him before because he used to live right next to me,recently i found out from a friend that he likes me ,lol imagine my shock ,i thought we were mutual friends and everything casual ,but it wasn't ,i didn't like him in that way,and i really enjoy talking to him,he wrote on his myspace how he is in love with me and how love makes him find himself,but here's the not the love type ,i actually don't like to touch on the subject, i think its a bit tacky that a person you've only been speaking to on the phone could be your long lost love lol,i told him that i had a boyfriend ,and that i like him only as a friend ,and now he Absolutely wont talk to me ,he use to call all the time now he completely doesn't,i ...really didn't want to make him depressed,this has happened to me more then once,were the guy says he is love with me and i dont feel the same one of them sang this song to me
in front of the whole school one time...i had to tell him ididn'tt feel the same as he did ,but really i like someone else ,alot,
what shall i do?? this always happens ,im not stubborn just waiting for the right person,

Answer on I BROKE A GUYS HEART??i never ment to :(?

that's hard maybe just talk to him tell him that you really enjoy being his friend and all.