Friday, August 18, 2000

I'm getting sick as soon as I get better (it's very frustrating)?

Ever since December my body has followed a pattern:
-One week for symptoms to develop and the worst part of the flu/cold to hit
-One week for recovering (my body still feels weak or has lingering effects)
And as soon as the two weeks are up, I get other symptoms and I'm sick again.
Swim season has started, and I'm not allowed to miss practice. However my body is too tired to deal with workouts every single day.
I'm freezing literally all of the time. I sleep with five or six blankets every night and I still wake up with chills.
As for my diet, I eat fairly healthy (better than the average teenager anyways), but what I've been putting into my body hasn't changed in months or years.
All I can think of is that I am not in a healthy environment, since all the students come to school when they're sick...
Anyways, please give me any tips to boost my immune system? It will be appreciated. I have tried drinking orange juice/lots of fluids, getting a proper amount of sleep each night, eating vitamins, etc. and I do not see a single improvement.

Answer on I'm getting sick as soon as I get better (it's very frustrating)?

You should go see a doctor; it could be Mono. You may also have mold in your house/room somewhere. Be sure to do a mold test, just in case.