Saturday, April 8, 2000

Question about stretch marks and weightloss?

Ok, so you know what happens after a break up. Emotional eating (at least that's what happened to me). For me, that had involved potatoe chips and chocolate. Anywho! I have put on some weight with my stupid emotional eating, and I've gone up from a size 12/14 to 16 (Australia sizes, Aus 16=US 12), and as a result, got some stretchmarks near my bellybutton and on my hips (this was over two months, I was eating because I hate my ex, and that I wasted so much time with him. I look at it now and it's kind of dumb). I'm serious about losing weight now, and have completely stopped eating junk food and am starting to exercise again. So when I lose weight, and I hope to get back down to a 10-12, what will happen to the stretchmarks? Will they just eventually fade to a white colour, or will they get worse with the weight loss?
And please don't say I'm fat or anything, I already feel bad about my body. I've had eating troubles in the past (I.e. Vomiting every meal), and I don't want to get back on that spiral.

Answer on Question about stretch marks and weightloss?

Hi Ellie this is a completely normal part of life particularly as we get older, weight fluctuation that caused stretch marks. Steady, healthy fat loss is best as losing too much weight too fast will cause excess skin as well as more stretch marks as stretch marks can also occur from rapid weight loss. The stretch marks will fade, to make this process quicker you can use products such as bio oil that reduce the appearance of stretch marks and prevent new marks from occurring. Fake tan can also help to camouflage stretch marks. Good luck!