Monday, March 13, 2000

I found out he cheated & he dumped ME?

So tuesday afternoon I found out my boyfriend of 2 years has been cheating & lying for this whole two years & I was SURE of this. as soon as I confronted him, he denied it, broke up with me. Then went on his little facebook & was telling girls he is in love with them (their looks) calling all these females sexy. and he texted me and told me he hopes I die & that he hates me. etc. It's been two days. I am so hurt :'( I feel so betrayed. And he is on facebook saying "you can't trust people they always **** you over" to make all his little whores feel bad for him. i am so sickened. and i feel so hurt. we were about to move in together in June. Why is he acting this way? I haven't tried contacting him..but I shouldn't have to. I want a apology or closure or something! It's like he hates me. advice?

Answer on I found out he cheated & he dumped ME?

He is SO immature!
But I understand what you mean about the closure, I went 8 months after my boyfriend cheated on me without proper closure, and I finally had the courage to tell him that I wanted to talk about it so I could move on. My ex-boyfriend was very immature at first too, but give it some time for your ex to let it kick in and see the mistake he has made. Those girls may like him now, but he WILL get caught.

I'm extremely sorry :(
Best of luck <3