Monday, March 6, 2000

Help on girl??????????????????

hi im a guy from germany and thare is a girl from the us that i like. she is tall blonde hair blue eyes and she is nice to me at history my best subject she sits next to me and i anser all the questions and help her allong when i help her she smiles flickes her hair and commplements me one of her frnds is really mean to me calling me a nazi and a fasict and to keep my hands off her frend but the reast of her frends are really nice to me expesaly the one from italy she laghs and jokes with me dose she like me? any advice? why dose her frend make fun of me?whay is the other nice

Answer on Help on girl??????????????????

dont worry about if her friends are mean. if you like her, you should go after her. it could be that the mean friend actually likes you and is just mad that you are giving your attention to her friend, instead of her. just go for the girl you like. the one you like is flirting with you a lot, it sounds like, ask her out!