Friday, February 18, 2000

My friend is on drugs.?

he smokes, does drugs, takes weight loss pills-even though hes skinny enough.
he keeps telling me its cause he got caught up with the wrong crowd.
i have told him many times i do not like the fact he does all this ****. i told him i dont want to see him die. but he keeps talkign about all of this stuff.
THEN he tells me he sold some pills he bought, because i told him not to take them, and now he said his dad found them yesterday.
so nows hes lying to me about it.
i told him that he can do whatever he wants, just dont talk to me about it, because it just makes me upset.
he then went on talking like nothing happened. so i told him i was pissed off about this stil, so now he wont talk to me.
this is really pissing me off.
what should i do?

Answer on My friend is on drugs.?

get a new friend .. cut your losses while you can