Monday, January 17, 2000

Men Only: How do you interpreter this behaviour?

Say there's this younger, good looking coworker hitting on you like crazy and you feel flattered, keep the game going. Your wife gets suspicious and asks you questions you avoid to answer or lie about. Then your wife finds out she's been sending you texts and Facebook messages that could mean either the girl is just desperately in love with you and you are just flirting for fun, or you actually slept with her and she's begging you to leave your wife. You deny anything ever happened over and over again, but your wife doesn't seem to believe you, and jumps every time you get a text and goes through your phone a time or two. You tell her she has to believe you, she's acting a bit like a bunny boiler and tells you that you undeniably hid things and lied to her, so it will take some time to rebuild her trust. In the meantime you've changed your phone's pin code and one day your wife notices that you are keeping your phone in your pocked (unusual) you get a text and she just hears the vibration (unusual, you usually have the volume on), you don't answer and at some stage you go to the bathroom for a little while...then you go out to the shop and when you get back the phone has the volume on again and sits on the mantlepiece as usual. Are you doing this (changing your pin and keeping your phone in your pocket) because you felt your privacy was violated by your crazy wife, or because you're actually hiding something inappropriate going on with the young coworker? Or both?

Answer on Men Only: How do you interpreter this behaviour?

i guess you are the "crazy wife" if you are not getting direct or "honest" answers what are you waiting for go to the girl that has been texting him and politely ask her see what she say if it matches up to what your husband says then it could be its the truth or they both have their story figured out.. tell her nicely that you would appreciate it if she would leave your husband alone if she says no then there is something going on you could do 3 things threaten her and tell her she could lose her job if you went to her boss and showed him/her the text messages you have been sending to her husband most company's think its very unprofessional to date coworkers, 2 hire a private investigator tell the Private invest. that you think your husband is cheating and you want to know 3, break down in front of your husband tell him to tell you the truth or he has to leave

i personally would wait it out and see if it continues if it does and hes leaving more and being distant towards you i would do number 1 and 2
if the girl tells you that they're having an affair then its up to the both of you whether the marriage is salvageable meaning that you and him are willing to work things out. but if you truly feel that you would never be able to trust him then leave him

OR its really nothing

the best thing is to wait and see if it continues

i wish you the best of luck in what you decide to do