Tuesday, October 26, 1999

Good weight loss pills? should i? help please!?

so i don't want to lose an extreme amount of weight (only maybe 15-20 pounds in the tummy area), that's all i really need. i'm exercising and eating healthily, but it hasn't really had any effect. I'm trying to decide whether or not bringing in some more help (aka pills) would be a good idea. my major concerns are first of all, that i won't be able to control the amount of weight i lose, second, that i am rather young (18) and i don't know how healthy it would be, and third, that i won't be able to control where i lose the weight. for example, i have always had large breasts and a rather curvy figure (even before i started gaining weight) and i am worried that if i use weight loss pills they might make me lose my breasts as well as my tummy pudge. I'm not dead set on using pills, i'm just trying to be informed and keep my options open. i've always been curious as to whether pills are actually a good option. thank you!

Answer on Good weight loss pills? should i? help please!?

Before you try pills, have you been tracking exactly how many calories you've been eating? You might be eating healthier but consuming more calories.

Find out how many calories you are eating to maintain your weight right now by tracking exactly what you eat for a full 7 days and use that as a baseline. Generally you do not want to eat less than 1200 calories per day so keep that in mind when you decide on how many calories you will have. I'd guess that you could try a 1400 calorie diet to lose the weight.

Unfortuantely, if you lose weight you won't have control of where you lose it unless you did something like surgery. But that will leave scars and I don't think you want that if you only have 20 lbs to lose.

Keep in mind that weight loss supplements are not regulated by the FDA. So as long as they do not make medical claims they pretty much say what they want.