Saturday, May 29, 1999

What's A Healthy Dry Food For Dogs?

I have a medium sized Border Collie who's 3 years old. We've almost always had him on dry dog food. We tried Nutro canned (meat with gravy) a few times before (before the recall), but he would get really stinky gas.

He started out on dry Science Diet (that's what they were feeding him at the shelter), but he got tired of that, and we moved onto Beneful. I had always thought it was healthy, but now I know I was wrong. We've recently switched to "The Goodlife Recipe" and he loves it. On the bag, it says there are no fillers or preservatives, made with real beef or chicken (depending on flavor), and is 100% nutritionally balanced. However, after the pet food recall with wet food, of which some brands were supposed to be good for dogs, I find I'm having a hard time trusting dog food companies.

Can anyone recomend a DRY dog food brand that they know is good (and feed their own dog with it)? Does anyone know if the "Goodlife Recipe" is, in fact, healthy? Thanks!

Answer on What's A Healthy Dry Food For Dogs?

Hi there I am a Veterinarian Tech and would like to recommend a wonderful dry food for your Border Collie. All of the vets and staff feed our dogs Timberwolf Organics and our clinic (and many others) recommend this brand to our clients. It is more expensive than pet store food, but you get what you pay for! This food is so so good for your dog. I am sure he will love it!

Good luck!