Sunday, May 9, 1999

How much does HBO cost? Can i have a free trial?

lady gaga has a concert comming up and premeres on may 7th on HBO, I was wondering how much this channel would cost, i only want to use it this once, is there any way i could use it for once and have a free trial? If not, explain what i can do.

PLEASE answer before may 7th! Thankyou :)

ps: (I have rogers cable, and live in canada)

Answer on How much does HBO cost? Can i have a free trial?

Read this article about free satellite tv instead. I bought the software recommended in the article at less than $50. It works! There are indeed many free cable channels. I managed to access the following:

- US channels: CNN, CNBC, ESPN, FOX, HBO, MGM, MTV, National Geographic, Disney, Cartoon Network
- UK channels: BBC, Bloomberg UK
- Major channels from Asia, such as from Japan, Korea, Malaysia and China

Try the HBO channel that you want. See whether it works. If not, you can ask for a refund.

There are also many other channels to try but I have not got the time to try them out yet. So far so good as I can connect to my TV and watch free cable channels.I can cancel my monthly cable TV plan that cost me over $40 every month now.