Friday, April 30, 1999

What are some unique veggies and fruits that I can use to add variety to my diet?

I've been recently learning to like vegetables, but I eat one more piece of brocolli, I'm gonna hurt someone.

What are some exotic or interesting veggies and fruits I can try?

Answer on What are some unique veggies and fruits that I can use to add variety to my diet?

Oh we're talking right up my alley! There's baby bok choy, Chinese broccoli (in Chinese, it's called gai lan--great for stir frying with chicken or shrimp), zucchini (the larger kind, especially of the kind that are so large in the summer...great for scooping and then parboiling the shell and stuffing with Spanish rice for Stuffed Syrian Squash), snow or sugar peas in the pod (stir fry with beef or chicken), fresh spinach with bean sprout salad (toss with sliced hard boiled eggs and add Caesar dressing and serve with pita bread...add grape tomatoes if you want some more variety), stir-fried spinach, eggplant parmegiana (yes, I can give you my recipe, as I can all of these--just let me know)...

Now fruits: mangoes are *amazing!!* Just peel, slice and eat, or you can make chicken with them for a Caribbean flavor to a meal. There was a dessert I had in Brazil, and I know the ingredients can be bought in the States, but I don't know the names well in English (even though I speak more English than Portuguese! lol): goiabada e queijo, also known as Romeo and Juliet...goiabada is guava jelly, and you slice it and serve it with a special white Brazilian cheese from the state of Minas Gerais, it's like a cream cheese, simple but sooo good!

Let me know how I can help. :)