Friday, April 23, 1999

How do i tell my friend that i like and have feelings for her?

I have liked one of my friends for about a year or so?
and well ok let me start from the begining
two years ago i met her in my geo class in high school, and yeah first couple of days nobody really talked in that sclass cuz' no one really knew eachother?
but as it always happens the more days that pass the more you end up knowing more people.
and yeah i would aways see her in class and she wouldnt really say much (shes older than me by... couple months like wait a year sorry :P) she would just come in and do her work then just wait till class was over. and i would always try talking to her but i couldnt ever come up with anything to say, at first it would be just little questions like how r u, whats up, etc.
and after a while we would talk when something came up even if it was the randomest thing, but id enjoy it, but at the same time i would think "what is im annoying her by taking to her so much everyday" or "maybe im just being annoying and should go away" and i would think about that often.
after a while i started to feel more comfertable and we would always sit together and just talk bout random **** that happened in class that day or whatever u know? and i loved every minute of it, but then our teacher lost her room and we got split up into different classes and damn was it a bad feeling that i got, we tried to get the same class cuz she said that she didnt know anybody in her new geo class so i tried everything to be in the same class again, but it didnt happen and thats when i started to not see her as much, and then her graduation day came..
i was happy for her and everything but i wasnt happy with myself, i felt like i lost someone really special to me that day and i didnt like it, u dont know how long i felt bad for myself, i didnt see her at all those last couple of days we had left in school.
the next school year started and i was a senior and she was off doing god knows what?
man, did my senior year go by fast? then graduation happened like in the blink of an eye! and so to keep in touch with some of my friends i made a myspace and later a face book. I logged on myspace one day and saw that one of my friends had her as a friend so i sent her a friend request, after i sent it i was like "i bet she doesnt even remember who i am, i mean its been more than a year since i last saw her" and the next day i got a msg from her saying she did remember and well i like her so yeah i got super happy :P
and ever since then we've been talking again, we dont talk much cuz she works and i havent been able to get a job, but when we do talk, i dont want it to end, like just keep talking forever and ever (or until we run out of stuff to talk bout) and i still like her, but now that i got to know her more i pretty much really like her now.
i told her once and i guess she was ok with knowing that? after all she said she likes to be open and clear about everything.
and about three weeks ago i tried asking her out and all i got was the famous "and how would that work out speach".
so yeah its been three weeks since and we still talk sometimes and i really enjoy our conversations.
but i dont want to look stupid by asking her out and not getting the answer id like and without making her feel uncomfortable (<-- spelled wrong i think?)

shes awesome and amazing and shes what makes me smile everyday!
i just dont want to end up ruining our friendship
and she really means alot to me but im afraid me being a year younger than her is really going to be a problem =(
if only she knew how much i care about her...
but what if she treats every friend like this?
shes really special to me, more than she knows.

Answer on How do i tell my friend that i like and have feelings for her?

That's a toughie. I went thru this a long time ago and ended up losing a friend. Sometimes I wish I'd never said anything, but at the same time it would have been unfair to myself not to say anything. Basically it comes down to this: a) Dont say anything and keep the friendship, or b) Take a chance by telling her how you feel. Maybe she feels the same way about you, but doesn't want to risk losing you as a friend. LOVE STINKS!