Monday, March 15, 1999

I was so excited, but now my mom wont let me!!!!!?

So my friend that im pretty good friends with, we are becoming better and better friends. So anyways, she just called and invited me to Belgium and Italy this summer with her family ( they are from belgium) like this is the chance of a lifetime, im 16 and i've always wanted to go to Europe!!

I have a job, so i can easily pay for the tickets ( yes i know how much they are) So i called my mom, she said she doesn't know, she will see. So ofcourse i got all excited. Then she comes home and is like " I dont know her parents, blah blah blah.. your not going."

I told her that she can easily meet them they are nice people BUT SHE WONT!!!!


we would be going the second week in July. :(

Answer on I was so excited, but now my mom wont let me!!!!!?

I can understand your frustration because you are realllly keen to go but you have to realise your parents are only thinking of your best interests. Meeting someone for a day or two is not always a clear indication on what the people are like on a day to day basis, she feels uneasy and you can't be mad at her for that, she is a parents, its what parents are meant to do.. if she said sure why not, you would have to wonder if she cares, this at least shows she does.

I would let it die down for a day or two, calm down, collect your thoughts and try a different approach. Maybe organise a bbq or day out with your friend's family and see how that goes, if that goes well, maybe organise a few more things so they get to know each other and then broach the subject again, plenty of time between now and June for them to get to know each other and for you to have a more definitive answer. If though she is still not at ease letting you go on a trip to Europe (not like she can just drive by and pick you up if it goes wrong for whatever reason), then you have to respect that, much as it disappoints you.