Saturday, February 27, 1999

Should I pull an all night-er tonight? 10 points?

So I'm a high school freshman. I have class tomorrow from 7 to 12:40 (I have 2nd lunch and last off) and I'm thinking "Hey, it's thursday night at 11:40, I would be getting up at 6 any how, why not? I can always sleep friday night." I just don't know.

I've pulled an all night-er before, I mean come on I'm 15 that's like in my DNA, but not on a school night. I have an hour and a half of math tomorrow morning (yikes) followed by the same of Am-Gov (an easy class) and lastly Earth science (ew) I do have my harder classes tomorrow but no tests or anything like that.

I just don't know. Can you give me some pros and cons and your opinions maybe? Tips?

Love and Jetts,

Answer on Should I pull an all night-er tonight? 10 points?

YESSS!! girl i love it! i looove all nighters, the night is my livelyhood :) (i am a high school freshman as well...)

i would say just to keep the screens up (tv and computer), dont read (it makes you drowsy), and play music in the background. keep the noise going, and if you want, chug a bottle of coke! thats what i used to do, lol

have fun. i will be joining you, but im on spring break right now so its a lil different :D