Saturday, January 23, 1999

What is a good ps3 game to buy?

the following games i have are:

bioshock 1 + 2
cod 4 + 5
fallout 3
god of war collection
mirrors edge
ratchet and clank-a crack in time
uncharted drakes fortune
wanted-weapons of fate
wipeout hd
zen pinball

and i want a nother but there are many out there and I am lost for choice:D so could u peeps help plz

Answer on What is a good ps3 game to buy?

Games for buying now:
*Red Dead Redemption
*Heavy Rain
*Saw: The Video Game
*Hakuna Matata (Afrika)

If you want, you should wait for some funny games that are coming soon:
*Gran Turismo 5
*Brunswick Pro Bowling
*F1 2010
*Saw II: Flesh & Blood
*Sports Champions (Necessary to play with PS Move)