Sunday, September 13, 1998

How do i approach a girl when she is quite ?

Ok, I'm a freshmen in Highschool im a normal kid. I'm no super popular kid but im not a dork or a geeky kid. I have my own area, but im pretty well known. When going to 4th period i go to see my old teacher and my friends in the computer lab for about 3 - 5 mins. When i go to see my friends there is a girl in the class that struck my eye massively, She is the most amazing looking girl i have ever seen. But i havent talked to her. Im not bad with girls im pretty outgoing, open, funny, polite and relaxed with girls but most times i wait for my chance to talk to them with her. there is no place. She sits alone and is very quite. At first i thought i was nothing compaired to what she wants. im 6'3, tall, im fix, a little hubby, im 195, but im have a big bulid so it likes like im a slim buff person. So I get some good looking girls. As i was, so this week i been looking at her sometime to see her doing shy looks at me when she sees me she will turn away, i mean she looks at me alot. this rasied my hopes but then again i doubted myself inside and told my self perhaps shes just looking at us and when i look she looks at me. Most times i would wait for my chance to talk but i have a yet anothing problem. School ends in 31 days and i only have 3 mins everyday to see her and shes quite so i dont have anyway with approching her without me thinking i will look stupid or like a creeper and mess it up, im not afraid of rejection like some guys im rather afraid of her Rejecting me becuase i seem stupid or me messing it up there and ruining my chances for later. I honest kinda thinks she likes me but i mean it don't seem true at the same time. I know all the rules to impress a girl. I shower, i brush my teath, i where Polo, Hollister, Areo and Nice shoes so i keep good style im also not nervous or rude. I just want to know how to get approach one i get a firm hold there and have a number or info im fine, i know the rest. with a normal girl or cute one i seen them quite but they might talk to a friend and i interfer, this girls 100% quite in that class. I dont want to mess it up and her be snobby, but i do have some evidence towards her liking me. I friended her on facebook last night and she accepted it i send her a message trying to start an innocent convo with her asking her and i quote " Hi, haha. Are you the really quite girl in Mrs.******* ? Just wondering if i added the right person or wrong person. Haha. " i know its her but wanted to start a talking convo shes hasent responded yet but weather she did or did't check it she seem to still look at me and im still like a little school girl on the computer waiting for that reply so badly, it was the only i could think of approaching her. Anyways i need help, this girl is amazing looking and seems cool from her fb chats with friends. Please give me advise and help. !!!!

Answer on How do i approach a girl when she is quite ?

Quite what? You didn't finish the question.