Thursday, September 10, 1998

Should I ask him why or just let it go?

Ok, this is a follow up to a follow up question I asked before, and the whole thing keeps getting more strange. A guy I like got my number from where I used to work, its been a few weeks now and he hasn't called. I contacted him once on myspace and he told he hes been really busy and out of town. Yesterday a friend told me that after he got my number another girl I worked with gave him her number and he made a date with her. I have just never been able to figure out why he would go out of his way to get my number and then never call me. Maybe he had second thoughts about calling me or something? Should I bother asking him about any of this or do his actions mean I already have my answer? I think I'm about ready to give up on the whole thing and just move on.

Answer on Should I ask him why or just let it go?

Oh My God! If he hasn't called you, what do you think that means? If somene likes you, they go out of their way to contact you, no matter how busy they are. If he hasn't called you honey, you don't need to move on, because it never got started in the first place..........