Wednesday, August 12, 1998

What should I become when i grow up?

ok's the thing.

I have no idea whatsoever what I want to become. I'm in grade 10 and I've practically just been chilling my entire life without even thinking about my career, I mean I have like only 2 years until I have to decide what course i'm going through, and, the the thing is.... i have NO clue about what I want to be. So if you guys have any ideas that would be realy great. ok, so....

*i'm realy good at English, like I LOVE reading and from what i've heard, i'm a pretty good writer.(just don't tell me to write a short story, the last one I made was good, but it was like 14 pages, i'm not kidding, in font size 13, and times new roman........and it was to be continued...)

~~~but~~~~ i'm realy bad at speaking out loud to people, like if you met me you'd be like all woah....that doesn't sound like the same person at all... cause i'm like SUPER shy, except to my friends :)
and that also means I have a very bad case of stage fright... so politician out of the way...

*ummm...... i don't realy like playing instruments....but i love listening to music, i don't realy have a preference for a specific type, like, i'll listen to practically anything, like from lady gaga to paramore to evanessence to avril lavigne to like, i don't know, selena gomez, i'll even listen to specific anime/japanese-ish songs (no clue what they're saying, but the tune is cool >.^)

*i'm ok at science....ok fine, i luv doing labs and experiments, but i'm not exactly good at the formulas...

running out of characters....

*i SUCK at math, ok, so i'm not failing, i never realy failed any subject in my life, but i find it tricky and all the concepts are so simmilar and it can get realy confusing sometimes....ahhh >_<

*me + french = EPIC FAIL!!!!
Teacher: bonjour
me: bonjour
teacher: you speak very good french
me: err, gracias. :D
teacher: *lifts eyebrows and walks away* its merci, not gracias...*sigh*

soo...ya. <,<

*ohhh!!!! ya i almost forgot, i'm super awesome at art, probably because i have a very over active imagination and i'm very passionate.....i can't beleive i just said that...lolz

so thats about all I can remember at the moment, help would be greatly appreciated! thanx!!

Answer on What should I become when i grow up?

Wow, you're just like me. I'm also in gr 10 and I have never really thought about my career. Our academic strengths and weaknesses are almost identical LOL. But yeah, I don't really think Yahoo is the right place for you to be asking these type of questions because your asking complete strangers about your career. Some people are ****** up and could give the stupidest advice, EVER. This is your career that we're talking about here. Instead, talk it out with your friends, teachers, and most defiantly, your parents! You should talk to your school's guidance councilor (assuming if your school has one) because that's what they're there for. To help students with anything they need. Good luck to you and I hope you triumph in whatever you do! :)