Tuesday, June 23, 1998

What is wrong with Disney Channel and Nickelodeon these days?

In Nickelodeon's "Drake and Josh", Drake was sitting on a plane between two hot girls. He french kisses one, turns around, and makes out with the other.

On Disney Channel and Nickelodeon, some characters have a new girlfriend/boyfriend each episode, they make out and stuff, and the next episode you never hear from them again.

They characters are very superficial and only care about looks many times.

80 percent of the episodes probably involve making out, and about half of them my 7 year old kid has seen revolves around a guy/girl infatuated with another and trying to get together.

In 30 years we will probably see sex on pre-teen/kid shows.

What is wrong with these shows?

Answer on What is wrong with Disney Channel and Nickelodeon these days?

They're all ****. Back in my time (late 90's) Nickelodeon had quality. 'All that' was epic. 'Kablam' was like a 'Robot Chicken' for kids. I never got enough of you, Mr. Foot. I never liked Kenan & Kel, but it's gold compared to the vomit they have on nowadays.
'All That' was the mother of all shows. It pumped out a dozen or so spinoffs, including 'Drake and Josh'. It started declining with 'Jimmy Neutron', then 'fairly oddparents' and now rock-bottom stuff like 'kid vs. kat' and 'anpanman'
The problem with Nickelodeon is two-fold:
-Jumpy computer animation. All of it looks clean, but you'd think they're all drawn by the Synthmaster 2000. The animation and plots consist of maybe five unique ideas that are slightly altered for very episode and every show.
-Too much Japanese stuff. Not that I have anything against Manga, it's just that the stuff they show is obviously not manga. The edges are too round and the plot too mundane, something like Pokemon, only far worse. Stuff like 'Perman' and "ninja hattori' are Japan's answer to the Synthmaster 2000.
The kissing/sex part is okay, as long as the animations are smooth and the plot adequately deep/funny.