Wednesday, May 27, 1998

How can I be like Selena Gomez?

How can I be as grounded, wholesome, and friendly like Selena Gomez?

Answer on How can I be like Selena Gomez?

That's totally impossible. You can't be like Selena Gomez. We are all different. Have you ever met her?-No! Have you ever talked or hanged out with her? No. Nobody can say for sure that the things we read about celebrities in tabloids are true. They make up stories about them just to sell their tabloids. So, don't read interviews about her, they'll just confuse you. Two different tabloids can have Selena on theirs cover, with same title, same questions, but different answers. If you love Selena so much, do something else. Take her picture to your hair dresser and cut your hair like hers. You can't become grounded, wholesome, and friendly over the night. Copy her style, hair, make-up, but you can't copy her whole personality. She's like that her whole life...and you can't take that from her by just reading the tabloids...Come on kid, just be yourself!!!!!