Sunday, May 3, 1998

Is this a good meal plan for dieting?

I want to lose ten pounds, and I saw an answer on here that some one wrote and it said:
breakfast: carb, protein, fruit
lunch: carb, protein, veggie
dinner: carb, protein, veggie, fruit

Breakfast: 3 egg whites, whole wheat oatmeal, banana
snack: special k snack bar
lunch: tuna sandwich on wheat, celery (i've been eating a pickle and turkey sandwich.)
snack: light and fit yogurt
dinner: chicken breast, 1 fruit, 1 veggie.
(for carbs nothing white)

So I've basically been doing that except not the snacks for a couple days, and wondering if this would be a good meal plan for dieting? Thankss!

Answer on Is this a good meal plan for dieting?

you dont need the carb for supper. carbs are used for making energy and they last longer than fats do, so after supper you usually arent gonna do any physical activity so you are not in need of the extra carb for supper. but you need to eat the snack too, because it will keep you metabolism boosted and running fast!