Saturday, March 21, 1998

Should I invest in this?

The product is called Power Gum. It's a weight loss gum.
It's from DreamLife Products
The CEO is Brent Holland
The investment cost is $448.00 for which you get 35 tubes of gum, which you can sell for around $17.00
You must also get on autoship which will cost you $109.00 a month, for which you get get 9 tubes of gum. Has anyone heard about this?

Answer on Should I invest in this?

Who cares who the CEO is?

You pay 448 and sell the gum for $17 / roll * 35 rolls = $595

$595 in sales - 448 cost = 148 gross profit

148 gross - 109 autoship = $108 profit.

You have to be kidding. How much time are you willing to spend going door to door to make 108?