Tuesday, January 27, 1998

Girls Can You Help Me Please?

ok well, i dont even know how i should
explain this to you. recently i went to
italy and i went on this trip thing there
with a bus and it was for a whole day we
went to this town gallinaro if anyone knows
it which i doubt. well while waiting to go
on this bus, everyone was standin outside
on the sidewalk, i notice these two girls
both looking at me and smiling. lets say
we were about 15 yards apart. now theres
quite a few people and i do not have much
confidence so i put it in my head"theres no
way they can be actually looking at me"
then later when the bus came they actually
went on a different bus then mine and i said
to myself guess its not meant to be,
5 minutes later before the bus leaves they
tell the bus driver to hold on because they
are people from the other bus that need to
come on ours. and it ended up being those
two girl and they switched spots with two
people who had been sitting two rows in
front of me. and i was obviosuly happy. then
when they came on the bus to sit down the
one looked at me while she was laughing and
the other had her head down shy-like. then
while the bus is moving a lady starts talkin
(this was like a religious catholic trip
thing) and she talks and she goes "we have
all fallen in love" and the girl who was
laughing before looks at the other girl
smiles then looks back at me. right therei
figured it out that she liked me. then later
on everyone on the bus ends up finding out
im american thanks to my cousin which i
thought was a disaster but ended up helping
me in the end. ( wow this is gonna be alot
of writing to everyone who actually reads
all of it and wants to help me i thank you
so much and hope i can return the favor)
then when we get there and we get of the
bus i see them lookin at me again, then
they went with their grandparents or aunt
and uncle and helped them walk down and
stuff to where we had to go( its a long
walk down a mountain basically) so the day
passes by then we go to this other place
a tiny town up on top of a mountain and
everyone just hung out in the town there
and i wanted to go look for and see if
we could meet, so later on i find them
in a bar with their aunt and uncle. i
see the one girl(laughing one) who i end
up finding out her name and that the other
girl who liked me and that i liked is
her sister. she is standing outside the
door and she sees me, i see her smile
and run back inside i heard her talking
but i couldnt make out what she was saying.
then i see her pull out her sister to make
her see me, then shes sayin like go over
there i guess, i couldnt make it out to
far away. then they all come out her and
the aunt and uncle and im siting on a wall
and my back is to where they are and i hear
the aunt behind me like trying to pull
her and saying ill go say something for
you and i heard her going no dont all
embarrased like. then they passed me
and didnt say anything her and her sister
were just foolin around together.then later
on while the girl i like is in the church,
im outside and so are a few other people
icluding her sister and aunt who i see
talkin with another lady from the bus i
hear the aunt say "she likes the american"
, then after that im just standin there and
i turn around and i see her sister with her
phone taking a pic of me then she sees i
saw her and she starts like dyin from
laughing and hides behind her aunt. so
basically in the end we didnt get to
meet eachother becaus eim an idiot and
she was too shy and then her aunt and
uncle were always with her so even if i
tried to go up to her i couldnt get close.
it was getting close to time to leave so
i say to myself "no i cant let her go i
have to meet her"

Answer on Girls Can You Help Me Please?

Hey I found the new post! Cool!

Anyways, I'm sorry that you didn't get to meet her, but I think that your paths will cross again. As for finding her possibly through the internet, I'd recommend myspace. I mean there's no guarantee that she or her sister has one, but if she's on your mind this much then it's worth a shot right?

Hope that helps!