Monday, January 12, 1998

14 year old health exercise questions?

Im 14, I think about 5,10 and weigh about (last time I checked) 145 pounds. Im strong(er) than any of my friends, but I also have fat around my midsection. So im trying to cut down on fat (i know there is no such thing as spot reduction). For my equipment, I have:

Two 3 pound dumbells, Two 5 pound dumbells, and Two 10 pound dumbells.
One weightlifting machine thingy that has 6 levels of 13.50 pounds each level.
An old loud treadmill.

I also want to get an elliptical, and use that everyday for one hour. Ill do regular dumbells movements (bicep curls, lateral raises, etc.) and use the weightlifting machine at level 5 for (10?) sets a day with 15-20 reps of each exercise (of 3) each set. I also dont eat any really unhealthy food, like brownie or pepsi, cookies and stuff like that. However, sometimes (rarely) I do eat a few candies and little chocolates. And coffee. And diet coke, if that still counts as bad. And, Ive noticed that I seem to be eating little throughout the day, sometimes its around 1200 calories, which is starvation, and I DONT want that.

So, if you read this whole thing (or skimmed through it) are the exercises im doing good? Are there anythings I should add or be sure to have? How many calories should I eat for a 14 year old male who wants to build some muscle while losing fat all around?

I dont have a gym anywhere nearby, just my own equipment.

Answer on 14 year old health exercise questions?

I'm not sure if you can cut down and bulk up at the same time, or at least not effectively. You're gonna have to do it step by step.

To cut down some fat, you should jog a lot, mostly cardio exercises, and work on that area repetitively. Also, lighter weights with more reps/sets.

To gain muscle mass, you don't jog as much, but make sure you keep the stamina and cardio up. Work on the area you wanna bulk up on alternating days with heavy weights and less sets/reps.