Saturday, January 10, 1998

Does your SO ever make comments about your weight?

I frequent a website ( and it always has posts on there about women's husbands talking about their weight or ..making comments when weight loss commercials come on the tv. Is this normal? Does your SO talk about your weight ..and tell you that you need to lose weight (if you're overweight)?

My SO has commented on my weight...when we were talking about our upcoming wedding. Talk about a conversation turning SOUR! Ah. I was so upset. I know that I need to lose weight but I don't need him telling me that I need to...

Answer on Does your SO ever make comments about your weight?

Mine said something pretty hurtful a few months ago. We were getting ready to go to the beach for a week and I was dying to get back in my bikinis...I put one on and asked him what he thought, he said he didn't think I was ready yet....You might remember my question about it...I posted a pic of me asking what everyone else thought.

He does still tell me that I'd be hot if I lost my belly pudge. Which is the truth, but it just hurts when people say it, especially them. I know he thinks I'm beautiful, but I want to be hot stomach is also the hardest to lose. Even though I'm back to my pre-preg weight I still have that. And then for my dad to say something about it last weekend made it even worse...You are not alone.