Saturday, December 20, 1997

I would like to be a foreign exchange student?

I am fourteen and i would like to be a foreign exchange student when i'm a sophomore, are there any programs where i could just go for a summer?
I would like to go to Spain, or Italy. But cost is a problem, so what would give me the best deals? and what would be the best company to go through that would be most helpful?
What organizations would be best?
If you have any extra information please please please share.

Answer on I would like to be a foreign exchange student?

Go to the CSIET website...they have a list of the best programs in the US. I'm assuming US. I don't know if they have programs that operate in other base countries.

Some programs have scholarships. You might be able to figure that out through the site, you might have to go into the programs directly to figure that out.

Yes, there are programs that go for anything from a couple of weeks to the full year. I, personally knew a bunch of people who did the summer program when I was a student, and I know there are a number of programs that bring kids here, and I have worked with, for summer exchanges.

I, personally, have good experience with CIEE (Not sure if they do high school) and YFU, and Sister Cities...if your town has a Sister City that you would like to go to. Rotary doesn't sound like a good one for your needs. I also know that AFS is really good. I'm pretty sure you can trust anything from that site.

Good luck. If you are at all "so close to your family that you worry about leaving," you might want to think again about going so young...but if you are used to leaving them, you'll have SUCH A BLAST!