Saturday, December 13, 1997

My dad has gone psycho when it comes to food?

My dad has always had his phases, like church and traveling. But for the past few years it has been diets. He has gone through very many but this one is just crazy. It's called the primal diet or whatever and basically you can't eat any grains and you eat a ton of meat. This seriously bothers me me because first of all I believe grains are an important part of your diet and because I have never liked large amounts of meat (I'm okay with like tacos and stuff but I hate steak and large portions of meat). Anyway he has become a major food nazi (I refer to the diet guy 'Mark Sisson' as 'marxism') and he is forcing my whole family to eat like cavemen. The rest of my family doesn't really mind but this "lifestyle" is seriously affecting my life. The only thing my parents make for dinner anymore is a hunk of undercooked meat. I have tried making my own dinner but when I ask my parents to buy stuff for me to make they get all mad and refer to my food as "junk" (it's like spaghetti!?!). They call me selfish and unhealthy for not eating like them but I honestly don't believe that their "lifestyle" is healthy at all. I have tried to explain to them that I just want us to compromise and do a little of both our styles, but they just flat out wont listen! They think I just want the whole family to eat cookies and fast food and stuff but that's not what I want at all! I just want to eat normal food like a normal teenager! How do I get them to understand?

Answer on My dad has gone psycho when it comes to food?

Okay how they are eating with all the meat is unhealthy! you can't just eat one thing all the time, your body needs many things in order to function! explain to them that you are supposed to eat a certain number of carbs and everything a day like pasta, bread, vegetables, fruit, and meat! if they won't listen to you then just sit down and tell them that how they eat makes you feel weird and that you want to eat spaghetti! that is GOOD FOR YOU! or you can even eat like meat with pasta and broccoli or something and that would be one million times better! and seriously, good luck with this!