Wednesday, November 12, 1997

To anyone who speaks italian...?

so I'm doing a trip to italy next year in february...
it's cool because I'm having an italian girl live with me this year for three months, and then i go live with her in italy..

I mainly wanted to do the trip to learn italian, so i can speak to my grandma.. she doesn't speak english so.. i've never been able to talk to her before so..

if any italians could help me learn some of the language before I go.. that would be great.. I know a lot of words, just no verbs yet..
I can understand sentences, just not make them..

for anyone else who reads this.. where in northern italy do you think i should visit? Dont say rome or anything because i won't be in that area...

i can help with english too..

leave me a message..


Answer on To anyone who speaks italian...?

I'm an italian 17 girl.. i can help you chatting in italian and answering your questions..
contact me on my profile!
ps. i think you already looked for help and I sent you an e-mail, but you never answered! (if you are that sonya from canada)