Saturday, November 1, 1997

How important are provinces to people living in Italy?

I understand that Italy is divided into 15 regions. The regions are made up of several different provinces. I noticed that most of the provinces share the name of their capital city. Naples is in Naples Province, Chieti in Chieti, etc.

So how important are provinces in Italy? Is it comparable to counties here? For example:

United States> State of Texas > Harris County > City of Houston

Italy > Campania Region > Naples Province > City of Naples

Is that right?

I guess what I want to know is how often do people in Italy refer to their province? Do they ever say it's where they live, or are they more likely to name their region instead?

Answer on How important are provinces to people living in Italy?

It depends how far from home you are really. If you travel out of the province, you'd refer to your province as your home. I've never really met anyone who would say "I'm from the Campania region". They'd most likely say their province, but if the person they are talking to knows the area, they'll probably refer to their actual city or town as their home. Just think of it this way... if you went to a different state, you'd say that you were from Texas (unless the city you're from is a major city like Houston, then say that instead). If you said, "l'm from 'Hicksville' they'd have no clue where that is. right?
Hope this helps